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Wind/Wing HA 914 Front Wing

Wind/Wing HA 914 Front Wing

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With a unique outline and foil section compared to any other wing in the Naish range, the 914 is fast and fluid. Its foil section is thinner than that on any other Naish wing, providing high-speed with fairly low lift for the size of its span. Requiring a relatively high take-off speed the 914 is very stable once up to speed making it a fantastic wing-foil racing wing, windsurfing, or medium to large sized surf wing. Incredible upwind performance combined with an unsurpassed top speed makes the 914 a fantastic powered-up wind foil option.

Increased speeds delivering wing-surf racing performance
Ideal stabilizer pairing: Jet HA 280
Available as an accessory wing

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Inventory Last Updated: Apr 18, 2024