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S26 Foil Masts Standard Plate
S26 Foil Masts Standard Plate
S26 Foil Masts Standard Plate
S26 Foil Masts Standard Plate
S26 Foil Masts Standard Plate

S26 Foil Masts Standard Plate

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S26 Foil Masts Standard Plate

Naish foiling masts are available in Aluminium or 35% Carbon and composite mix. All come in varying sizes to suit your requirements.


The aluminum masts feature a 13.3 cm wide and stable chord for stability at all speeds. Double fastened and bonded end caps provide a secure connection to your board and fuselage.

 SIZES: 65 cm | 75 cm | 85 cm | 95 cm

  • Wide and stable base for stability at all speeds
  • NEW Triple stringer structure for increased stiffness and durability
  • Direct connect plate and fuselage are screwed and bonded for increased strength and reliability

Aluminum Mast Weights:

55 cm: 1160 g | 65cm: 1478 g | 75 cm: 1618 g | 85 cm: 1708 g | 95 cm: 1916 g



The Carbon 35 mast features a high-density PVC foam core and 100% Pre-preg composite construction with 35% unidirectional carbon fiber. Its 12 cm chord and thinner foil section provide high speeds and maneuverability. This mast’s flex characteristics allow for a fluid, intuitive, and forgiving ride. The Carbon 35 is extremely durable without compromising performance.

SIZES: 75 cm | 85 cm | 95 cm


  • New 75 cm, 85 cm and 95 cm 35% carbon content composite mast
  • UD carbon reinforced glass composite mast with a high density foam core
  • Glossy speed finish
  • Same shaping as our new 100% carbon mast for increased speeds and tighter turning
  • Includes (3) 25 mm M6 SSTorx Screws to mount fuselage to mast
  • Does NOT include screws to mount mast to board


Carbon 35 Mast Weights:

75 cm: 1675 g | 85 cm: 1855 g | 95 cm: 1890 g

The S26 Foil Masts Standard Plate was built with people like you in mind. Something to keep you happy. Every. Single. Day.

Inventory Last Updated: May 29, 2024