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Naish S26 Wing-Surfer Matador LT
Naish S26 Wing-Surfer Matador LT
Naish S26 Wing-Surfer Matador LT
Naish S26 Wing-Surfer Matador LT
Naish S26 Wing-Surfer Matador LT
Naish S26 Wing-Surfer Matador LT

Naish S26 Wing-Surfer Matador LT

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SIZES: 3 | 4 | 5  | 6

The Wing-Surfer Matador is compact, light, and powerful. It is designed for wing foilers that want to use the smallest wing possible for the prevailing wind conditions, with a focus on riding swells and waves. No window in LT model.


The Matador has a deeper draft and larger diameter leading edge and strut than a comparably sized Wing-Surfer, with the power placed even further forward. The leading-edge taper is more pointed at the center and carries more dihedral across the wingspan. This all comes together to create a wing that drives upwind with ease, then flags in neutral with amazing stability and balance for riding waves, swells, and doing downwinders. With tons of sheet-in-and-go power, even heavier riders will find it easy to get up on their foil. 


Once flagged into neutral on a wave or swell, the light and nimble airframe all but disappears like a bull fighter’s cape — allowing you to carve and glide with ease. Thus, the name “Matador.”

Unlike the all-around Wing-Surfer, the Matador is designed to be ridden mostly upwind then flagged downwind. 




    • Larger/stiffer diameter leading edge and strut for a rigid overall structure
      • Deep locked in draft for instant power
        • Optimized dihedral for luffing and flagging
          • Optimized handle positions
            • Removable and adjustable y-handles
              • Neoprene “knuckle guard” under center grab handles
                • Inflated Structure - no hard surfaces or hardware
                  • Packs up small
                    • Drawstring bag with pump storage feature (Pump sold separate)



                       Leading Edge Center Grab Handle with Neoprene Patch


                      Neoprene patch protects the hand when flagging the wing on a downwinder or while wave riding

                      Kevlar Leading Edge Reinforcements


                      Abrasion resistance & durability


                      Bladder Lock


                      Secures bladders ends & prevents slippage


                      SureLock Valve


                      Streamlined valve + pump hose locks to valve


                       One Point Inflation System with 8 mm hoses


                       Super easy inflation & deflation of wing


                      HT Plus Seam


                      This high-tensile thread fortifies the leading edge along the seam


                      Removable Y Handles


                      Maximum grip options alone the center strut


                      Reduced Handle Count


                      Maximum performance + comfort



                      Coil Wrist Leash


                      Comfortable & secure wing-to-rider connection


                      Matador Bag


                      (Included) Easy and compact storage + pump attachment 

                      (Does not ship with pump)

                      Life is too short to live without the Naish S26 Wing-Surfer Matador LT. Be happy. Be Content. Be Satisfied.

                      Inventory Last Updated: Jul 22, 2024