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kitesurfing lessons dubai

Kitesurf Lesson Express (IKO Standard)

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Kitesurf Lesson Express (IKO Standard) Duration 45 m

Kitesurf Lesson Express (IKO Standard)with Blue Ocean Sports. 

The only approved IKO Centre in the UAE.

****Lessons are currently only available in JA The Resort, please click here for details****

Are you looking for a kitesurfing lessons in Dubai? Try our Kitesurfing Lessons Express (IKO Standard) discovery lesson. An introduction of wind and flight dynamics including wind direction and the importance of it. We will do a quick basic set up and you will have a fun discovery, first piloting experience.

Learn to kiteboard with Blue Ocean Sports, the safest and most professional school in the Dubai, UAE.

Kitesurfing Lessons Express (IKO Standard)

 Kitesurf Lesson - Blue Ocean Sports


Before booking kitesurfing lessons with any instructor, please always check the following:


Make sure to learn the correct and safe way!!

Kitesurfing Lessons Express (IKO Standard)

This is a very quick intro into the World of kitesurfing and we hope that you will enjoy  the experience and continue to learn with us to become a proficient kite surfer.

The Kitesurf Lesson Express (IKO Standard) is evocative, to say the least, but that's why you're drawn to it in the first place.

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