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Camrig Strut Mount GoPro Hero 3 - 7

Camrig Strut Mount GoPro Hero 3 - 7

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Now you can get those helicopter shots without breaking the bank! Introducing the brand new CAMRIG GoPro Strut Mount. Simply attach the heavy-duty velcro strap around your strut and you are ready to go!

The CAMRIG GoPro Strut Mount is compatible with all versions of the GoPro camera.

Discover Incredible Action Videos Using the CAMRIG GoPro Strut Mount The most exciting part about owning a GoPro camera is the high-quality photographs it produces. A good portion of the population enjoys sharing their adventures on Pinterest, Facebook and YouTube. Until recently, videos and still shots taken during kiteboarding lacked clarity. CAMRIG GoPro Strut Mount is the solution to camera stability and safety.

A popular feature of CAMRIG GoPro Strut Mount is its user-friendly way of operation. Three additional features are:

1. Lightweight, strong camera housing compatible with all versions of the GoPro camera.

2. Angle adjustable Velcro strut strap system.

3. Quality built injection molded TPEE.

High end injection molded thermoplastic polyester elastomer, better known as TPEE, is a material that:

  • is flexible like rubber
  • is strong like plastic
  • can be processed like thermoplastics

The end result is a product that is highly resistant to abrasion and tearing. It‰۪s compatible for use in a wide range of temperatures. TPEE is tough and strong, displaying a high impact resistance.

Setup options are unlimited and simple to learn. CAMRIG GoPro Strut Mount is secured against the strut and firmly secured with the heavy-duty Velcro strap. The unit protects the camera from falling. Users will achieve maximum results by practicing with different angles and placement of the strut and camera. Resources for suggestions include other kiteboarders and CAMRIG customer support base. The mount produces clear overhead filming of kiteboarding events. The wide-angle lens interferes with the opportunity to keep the rider in the frame. Control of the camera is obtained with the WiFi remote.

In summary, participants in the extreme sport of kiteboarding appreciate the ease of using the wireless remote to control the CAMRIG GoPro Strut Mount. The sturdy, lightweight mount holds securely to the strut without affecting the action of the kite.

On the fence about this Camrig Strut Mount GoPro Hero 3 - 7? Don't be. Let our satisfaction guarantee address your concerns.

Inventory Last Updated: Jun 14, 2024