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2021 Cabrinha Crosswing X2 Wing Surf - Kite N Surf
2021 Cabrinha Crosswing X2 Wing Surf - Kite N Surf
2021 Cabrinha Crosswing X2 Wing Surf - Kite N Surf
2021 Cabrinha Crosswing X2 Wing Surf - Kite N Surf
2021 Cabrinha Crosswing X2 Wing Surf - Kite N Surf

2021 Cabrinha Crosswing X2 Wing surf

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The Crosswing X2 has an all new body outline and inflatable frame which makes it incredibly stiff and rigid. The wing holds its shape while under heavy loads or while boosting massive airs.

The control factor has been upped in many important ways. First off, we've fully separated the air boom inflation from the leading edge inflated section. This allows us to properly pressure each section individually to achieve the X2's incredible stiffness while in flight. We've then taken that concept one step further with our unique Double Strut technology.

The Double Strut of the X2 allows one inflated mini strut to support the canopy profile while the second "boom" strut is designed for precise ergonomics and predictable wing control. Each strut serves its own function and purpose without compromise.

In a nod to Wingsurfing's incredible portability we have designed a hybrid handle system which draws on the best features of a rigid boom and the portability of a webbing handle. The result is a wider handle allowing the rider to micro trim their hand positions while riding to find the perfect center of effort. The rigid handles provide more direct rider input to the wing which in turn delivers an immediate result in wing control. As a bonus, the wing can still be folded and placed into a small sized pack for easy portability.

The X2's increase in performance is seen across the Wingsurfing spectrum. From quick starts to high speed runs. From tight surfing to huge airs, the Crosswing X2 is ready to perform wherever your imagination takes you.



Desing profile:

Leading edge inflatable dihedral with forward outline and "ultra rigid double strut"


  • Ultra rigid double strut for aerofoil support and improved response
  • Wide span handle layout for micro adjustment/trim
  • Harness line attachment point
  • Increased LE diameter for improved stiffness & canopy tension
  • Improved low end
  • Hybrid dihedral for increased stiffness and roll stability
  • Nano ripstop
  • High tenacity dacron LE
  • Sprint inflate valve
  • Extremely safe operation
  • Safety wrist leash included
  • Kevlar wing tip reinforcement
The 2021 Cabrinha Crosswing X2 Wing surf is the product you didn't think you need, but once you have it, something you won't want to live without.

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