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Private kitesurf lessons Dubai
Private kitesurf lessons Dubai
Private kitesurf lessons Dubai
Private kitesurf lessons Dubai
Private kitesurf lessons Dubai

Private kitesurf lessons Dubai (IKO Standard) 1 to 1 Duration 1 - 10hrs

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Learn to Kite - Lesson Private (IKO Standard) 1 to 1  Duration 1 - 10hrs - Private kitesurf lessons Dubai

The only approved IKO Centre in the UAE


Learn to kitesurf with Blue Ocean Sports. Our one on one Private kitesurf lessons Dubai offer a complete service from beginner lessons and courses to advanced tuition, equipment rental and retail, our dedicated team of IKO qualified kitesurfing instructors ensure you have all the knowledge and skills to get you up and riding like a pro!

Powered by Naish Kites and Prolimit

Focused on delivering the highest level of service, we offer a personalised programme in a professional but comfortable atmosphere.

Why Learn to kite with Us?

  • Guarantee to get you going within 10 hours
  • We are powered by Naish, a premium brand and all equipment has less than 120 hours of use
  • All instructors are IKO qualified
  • We adhere to IKO standards as highest level toward safety approach
  • We guarantee to teach only when there is acceptable condition - every hour of your tuition matters to us and we know you will only advance when the conditions are right
  • Kitesurfing can be a dangerous sport if not learnt and taught properly
  • Go kiting with Blue Ocean Sports!
  • Private kitesurf lessons Dubai

We adhere to IKO standard steps. Discovery 3 Hours, Intermediate 8 hours, Independent 10

  • Discovery: You will learn the basic of kite surfing, rigging and equipment, safety system, first piloting experience, Launching landing, wind window theory
  • Intermediate: After mastering all the skills of the discovery part, you are now ready to enter in the water where you will learn, water relaunch, body drag, body drag up wind and finally water start!!
  • Independent: After you got your Eureka moment and riding some distance in the water is now time to improve your riding, knowing how to stop and how to go upwind. When you will be able to ride you are now an independent kite surfer! And It’s time to enjoy this sport in safety by your own, with your own personal equipment that you can get in our website.


Private kitesurf lessons Dubai - Blue Ocean Sprts

Before booking Private kitesurf lessons Dubai with any instructor, please always check the following:


Make sure to learn to kite the correct and safe way!! Learn Kitesurfing with blue Ocean Sports


Private Kitesurf Lessons Dubai

On the fence about this Private kitesurf lessons Dubai (IKO Standard) 1 to 1 Duration 1 - 10hrs? Don't be. Let our satisfaction guarantee address your concerns.

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