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2021 Cabrinha Drifter Kite - Kite N Surf
2021 Cabrinha Drifter Kite - Kite N Surf

2021 Cabrinha Drifter Kite

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2021 Cabrinha Drifter Kite




SIZE:  4 |5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13


While surfing, you want your kite to be as invisible as possible. Having a kite which can quickly power and depower are the keys to fluid board control. And there is no better feeling than the moment when your kite ‘drifts’ effortlessly down the line as you absolutely tear apart the wave on your surfboard.

This is the Cabrinha Drifter. The world’s most iconic surf kite that innovated the concept of drift stability. A term widely used by other brands but rarely duplicated.


‣ Long-lasting closing seam built
‣ Strategically designed canopy support
‣ Detailed profile panels
‣ Slacklining drift
‣ Direct & responsive steering - light/moderate bar pressure
‣ Outstanding water relaunch and pop for strapless freestyle executions
‣ High-Tenacity Dacron for efficient handling and improved arc stability
‣ Nano Ripstop Canopy - standard for its stability, responsiveness, and durability
‣ Suitable for onshore & offshore conditions
‣ Immediate power and depower switch


3-strut, moderate aspect ratio hybrid design, Surf/drift win tip design, 2 bridle setting options.


Cabrinha Drifter

Cabrinha Drifter


Cabrinha Drifter
The 2021 Cabrinha Drifter Kite is a sensational customer favorite, and we hope you like it just as much.

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