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2021 Brunotti Hawk Kite Board With Footstraps
2021 Brunotti Hawk Kite Board With Footstraps

2021 Brunotti Hawk Kite Board With Footstraps

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INCLUSION: Gravity Pro Pads

⦿ CNC'd Wood Core:
Precision engineered pieces of computer cut woodwork. Constructed to match the exact characteristics the riders want. Lightweight, thick enough to create stiffness and strength, and thin enough to allow flex and comfort.

⦿ DRS Tech:
(Diamond Shaped Rail) This sharp rail has a very small contact surface making it the perfect freeride rail, providing loads of grip and great upwind performance. The rail edge also has sufficient stiffness to provide strong pop.

⦿ Hyperbolic Chassis:
Moulded in one piece to give the board a better torsional flex and produce a smooth and comfortable ride.

⦿ Torque Equalizer:
Creates an unmatched torsional stiffness for kiteboards that are easy to control and have massive upwind performance.

⦿ Active Backbone:
Runs down the length of the board and adds both stiffness and strength where needed. It also distributes the forces placed on the inserts evenly through the board, increasing control and comfort.

⦿ Double Channel:
Channeling underneath the board allows for extra edge hold whether you are charging upwind or loading for a jump.

The 2021 Brunotti Hawk Kite Board With Footstraps is evocative, to say the least, but that's why you're drawn to it in the first place.

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